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A humble man of the people

Joseph Schooling is many things to many people because he remains a humble man of the people. 


He’s so much more than a household name. He’s the inspiration that all of us needs, the Olympic alchemist who turns daydreaming into desire. He refuses to set limits on his potential. His work ethic remains contagious. He motivates by example. 


He stood on the shoulders of giants. His parents. The son of athletes, he was blessed with the right genes. The right attitude did the rest. Family came first. Then and now. 


From the relatively unknown kid at the South-East Asian Games in 2011 to reigning in Rio in 2016, Schooling still makes time for everyone. Fame hasn’t changed him. He’s still the same humble, family-oriented guy he always was. That’s his greatest strength. That's why he remains Singapore’s favourite son.


The more he stays the same, the more he inspires positive change in others.

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